LUCICO Dewormer for Dogs and Puppies - 10 Tablets

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Dogs, especially puppies and small dogs are the hosts for a wide helminth spectrum including tapeworms, flatworms, and nematodes.

These parasites affect the dogs' health and cause morbidity and mortality. While there are many types of dewormers for dogs in the market, many of them do not treat all four types of intestinal parasites – many of them only treat three.


Our LUCICO Dogs Dewormer can treat much more, including tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, ascarids, and nematodes.

LUCICO wormer tablets are safe for young puppies over the age of 2 weeks and up to more than 25lbs. LUCICO Dog Dewormer is mainly applied for small dogs - puppies under 25 Lbs



Deworming a dog that has a mild parasite infestation can be done at home, easily and effectively with our LUCICO dewormer for dogs. It is designed with breakable dogs wormer tablets that can be fed whole or crushed and mixed with food.

How to use

The best way: Crush the tablet and mix it with your dog's favorite food.

The great option: Wrap the dog in a blanket and place the pill in the back of your dog's throat.

Another simple way: Wrap your dog in a blanket and use a pill shooter.

The LUCICO tablets start working in 12 hours and keep working for 30 days, promote intestinal health for your pets after a single treatment.

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LUCICO Dewormer for Dogs and Puppies - 10 Tablets
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