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Flea & Tick Collar FAQs

Dewormer FAQs

TORRIX Flea collar for dogs is working great for flea tick control as well as for lice prevention.
It is best to mix LUCICO with a smaller amount of food which you normally give to ensure the cat eats it all. Once they have consumed the treated food you can give them the rest of their meal. You may need to moisten dry cat food to aid mixing.
TORRIX offers the same protection killing and repelling fleas and ticks for up to 12 months for both indoor and outdoor cats.
It does not cover heart worm. Heart worms are a serious condition that should be treated under veterinary supervision.
Don't worry. TORRIX flea control collar will fit your dog, it is adjustable.
The expiration date for a product is printed on the back side ofthe box. It's 2 years since produced.
Yes, absolutely. TORRIX flea collar is quite comfortable for your cat to wear all day.
LUCICO Cat deworming tablets are not too big, however if your cat is small, we recommend you should crush the pills and mix the powder with a small amount of her food.
TORRIX Dog Flea and Tick Collar could be used for pupies from 6 weeks old.
Yes, it is medicine. Hundreds of our customers have used LUCICO Dog Dewormer for their dog without any side effects.
2 fingers underneath the collar should be the right fit.
You can check their shit after using dewormer. Also, cats eat more and play more when they no longer have worms.
TORRIX Flea Dog Collar could work continuously for one year.
You should consult the veterinarian before using TORRIX Dog Flea for pregnant, old or nursing dogs.
Our dewormer is not for flea treatment. You could deflea your pet with TORRIX Flea Collar. This will be more effective.
We recommend you doing that. Give dog a bath and try to kill the flea as much as you could before wearing TORRIX FLea collar. It helps much.
LUCICO Dog Dewormer should not be use for pregnant dog. You should take her to the vet.
Yes, your cat should be able to use TORRIX FLea Collar with no problem.
The order normally leaves our warehouse in 1 days. The tracking number is updated after 2-3 days and you could receive the order after 7-10 business days.

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