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Keep your buddy protected from fleas, ticks and worms with our range of supplies for pet


LUCICO Pet Store - Protect Your Pets from Flea & Tick and Worm LUCICO Pet Store - Protect Your Pets from Flea & Tick and Worm


Customer What are the ingredients of Torrix Flea and Tick Collar? Show

The active ingredients contain in the collar are all natural including: Citronella, Lemon Oil, Clove Oil, Peppermint Oil, and other natural ingredients...(10%)

Customer Is Torrix Flea & Tick Collar safe for pet and human? Show

Yes, absolutely! Because we use natural ingredients for Torrix Flea &Tick Collar.

Customer How long exactly does the Torrix Flea & Tick collar last? Show

In good condition, Torrix Flea & Tick Collar is effective continuously for 12 months.

Customer Does Lucico Cat Dewormer kill tapeworms also? Show

Yes. Lucico Cat Dewormer works effectively in killing common types of worm, especially tapeworms and roundworm.

Customer Is Lucico Dog Dewormer a powder? Show

No, it is not. Each bottle contains 10 tablets of dewormer.

Customer How often should I use Lucico Dewormer for my pet? Show

Usually you just need to give your dog once and repeat every 3 months; and cat every 1 month until cats are 6 months old.


"After putting the collar up for a week, the fleas and ticks were reduced and they no longer bite my dogs as before. He was more active and no longer itchy"

Herbert Jean

"Its only been a couple of days since I gave my cat his first dose but so far it seems to be working fantastically. We also have not found any worms or blood in his stools

Judith Stewart

"This dewormer arrived quickly, and the pills are small. I had no problem dosing my dogs and the dewormer worked quickly. I'd definitely buy it again and recommend it to others"

Heather Martin

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