LUCICO Cat Dewormer Shampoo with Chlorhexidine 4%

ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTI-FUNGAL – Chlorhexidine 4% helps control bacteria and fungi populations.
MicroSilver BG helps restore the skin barrier by moisturizing and leaving an anti-bacterial film deposited on the skin. This also helps regulate associated seborrhea and inflammation.
Ceramide III and MicroSilver BG create a film that is anti-inflammatory and has anti-seborrheic properties, helping eliminate pruritus and itching.
MicroSilver BG is ‘sticky’, attaching to the skin to help resist rinsing, and allows it to deliver long lasting relief to your pet.
Treating itchy skin is very important as it can affect your pet’s quality of life. Prolonged itching can lead to injury, infection or even scarring, so it’s best to treat appropriately.


VetBiotek HexaDerm Max Shampoo with Chlorhexidine, MicroSilver BG, and Ceramide III is an antiseptic, soap-free shampoo formulated for dogs and cats. It contains Chlorhexidine 4% and MicroSilver BG for protection against certain bacteria. It also helps offer protection against yeast and fungus with active ingredient Chlorhexidine 4%. HexaDerm Max gently cleanses and helps aid in the treatment of certain skin disorders. It also promotes and reinforces the natural skin barrier with ceramide. HexaDerm Max is available in 8 oz and 16 oz bottles. Combine HexaDerm Max Shampoo with VetBiotek HexaDerm Max Spray for even more treatment benefits.