LUCICO Cat Dewormer – Dewormer Tablets for Cats with Roundworm & Tapeworm – Works for Kittens – 10 Tablets


BROAD SPECTRUM DEWORMER: Tapeworm and roundworm is the most common intestinal worms that cats could get. Our Cat Dewormer works effectively for removing these types of worms, especially, dipylidium canium and taenia taeniaeformis. It can be used for kittens from 6 weeks old. Do not use it, if your cat is nursing or pregnant. Cat Deworming tablets by LUCICO could also affects to hookworms but cannot treat heartworms.
SUPERIOR QUANTITY: Apart from almost other products which include 3 or 4 tablets, our Cat Dewormer has 10 tablets per bottle. This is very efficiency because you could apply pills for multiple cats or do multiple treatments on the same cat with a suitable price. It is recommended to use dewormer for indoor cats every 3 months and for outdoor cats every 3 months.
EASY TO USE: LUCICO deworming pills are small and breakable, which support you to easily administer for your cats. You could crush the tablet and mix with your cat’s food or break it and put in your cat’s mouth. Our dewormer is very easy to swallow, however, if your cat does not like getting a pill, you could follow some simple steps listed in product description.
PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CAT: Praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate in the ingredients of our Cat dewormer could paralyse and kill round & tapeworms, but the body of dead worms could be pushed out of your cat via oral or anus way. Thus, please take notice to your cat after he/she get deworming treatments.
ADDED VALUE: Our dewormer is majorly applied for cats, however, if you raise both cat and dog, you could use our product for your dog as well. Suggested dosage is by body – weight and is the same with the directions, best use for small dog.


Worms are a problem you shouldn’t ignore
The most common intestinal worms cats get are called roundworms and tapeworms. Most infected cats do not show signs of having worms; however, heavy burdens of worms can cause weight loss, vomiting and diarrhea, irritation around the anus and failure to thrive. So, you had better administer dewormers for your cat as soon as possible.
LUCICO Cats Dewormer will be the best choice to kill, prevent worms and help your cats to get better health.
Improved Cat Dewormer
We have done many researches before launching our deworming treatment for Cats, so our product is improved with advanced factors:
• 10 Tablets
• Smaller tablets
• Easy to break
• Safe ingredients
• Works for kittens
When one cat gets worms it is a must to apply dewormers to all of your cats. Hence, with our LUCICO Cat Dewormer you can save more cost.
Moreover, cats are hardly to swallow a normal size of dewormer tablets. With the improvement in the size of tablets, LUCICO Cat Dewormer is fast-acting and effective.
How to give your cat a pill?
The easiest method is to crush the tablet and mixed with your cat favorite food. Nevertheless, some smart cats could recognize and refuse to eat. That’s why, we would like to provide you with the step to help you administer our tablets to your cat.
1. Open cat’s mouth, place small piece of pill at back of throat
2. Close cat’s mouth, point it upward
3. Blow into nose, massage cat’s throat
Dosage by body – weight
4 lbs and under ½ tablets
5-11 lbs 1 tablets
Over 11lbs 1 ½ tablets